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18 Weird But True Facts

There are some weird facts which sound absolutely ridiculous, yet they are completely true. Here are 18 weird but true facts:

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1. Tampons and bikinis were both invented by men.
2. Farting is good for your health and helps in reducing high blood pressure.
3. A flock of crows is known as, a murder.
4. Pteronophobia is fear of getting tickled by feathers.
5. Your saliva has a boiling point which is 3 times that of the regular water.
6. When hippos get upset, their sweat actually turns red.
7. Facebook addiction disorder is a real mental disorder which has been identified by Psychologists.
8. The boomslang snake has very poisonous venom which causes humans to bleed from all the holes of the body.
9. Women have two times as many pain receptors in their bodies, more than men, however, they have a much higher tolerance for pain.
10. According to Britain law, a woman who is pregnant can pee anywhere she pleases, even on the floor of a police station.
11. The butterflies effect you normally feel inside your stomach whenever you happen to see someone you have a crush on, (or you like) is actually a stress response which is caused by adrenaline.
12. Cherophobia is the fear of having fun.
13. A kangaroo can’t hop when its’ tail is lifted off the ground.
14. Hyphephilia is a name given to those who get aroused by simply touching fabrics.
15. Billy goats usually urinate on their heads in order to smell much more attractive to the females goats.
16. King Henry VIII used to sleep with a huge axe beside him.
17. Handshakes were initially meant to ensure that the other person was not carrying any concealed weapons. The hand clasp showed that the hand is empty, and shaking of hands was basically meant to dislodge any concealed weapons which might be hidden up the sleeves.
18. A small amount of stress can help you to remember some things better, however, a large amount of stress can hinder your memory.