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4 Most Expensive Pairs of Basketball Shoes of All Time

Basketball has become a global sensation and is one of the most watched and followed sports today. This has led to basketball companies making the most out of this sensation to headline new shoe lines. People who play and enjoy basketball would definitely want to buy and own any of these four most expensive basketball shoes of all time.

Here is a list of top four most expensive basketball shoes of all time.

1. Reebok Question

These are the most expensive shoes and also the most luxurious joggers in the world. The Reebok Question was designed with 246 studded diamonds, suede overlays, leather upper, translucent outer sole, comfortable Hexalite cushioning, and featured a design by Allen Iverson. Even though this shoe was introduced more than 20 years ago, it’s still a popular brand today. It comes out in new special designer version and colors every single year. They are sold at an astounding price of $65,000 at an auction.

2. Air Jordan III

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The air unit at the heel, unique leather finishes, and Air Jordan logo made these shoes extremely outstanding when they were first introduced. Michael Jordan made amazing runs in them, winning the All-Star Game MVP honors and Slam Dunk contest with them. These shoes are extremely flexible and comfortable, and the high-quality leather finish gives them a unique look.

Designed by Peter Moore, the Air Jordan III is sold in auction at around $50,000.

3. Air Jordan VI

This is the last Air Jordan model that uses Nike Air Logo. They have molded heel and reinforced material in the area to protect the Achilles’ tendon. Michael Jordan wore this particular basketball shoe when Bulls beat the Lakers to claim the championship. The pair is priced at around $3500.

4. Nike Air Zoom Kobe I

It was unveiled in 2005 by Kobe Bryant. He wore the shoe during that year’s NBA season and scored an average of 35.4 points per game. These performances popularized these shoes and sky-rocketed their demand. The fact that there were only 25 pairs made, priced them at about $30,000.

The above are the most expensive basketball shoes of all time.