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4 of the Strangest Baby Names

Parents are known to keep a name aside for their unborn kids. In fact, some decide on names long before their tots are born and kind of assign said tags when their bundle of joy ultimately hits this world. There are those that go for common names such a Joyce and Jane and Anna while others choose the spectacular. Still, some decide to go with outright bizarre choices that raise more than a few frowns and quizzical eyebrows.

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Check out the more bizarre ones here:

1. Rainbow

It is not uncommon for parents to decide that of all the natural elements out there, the rainbow is the most spectacular. To an extent this is true, but we would hardly expect a parent to go with this one for whatever reason. That does not deter some from naming their kids after this multi-colored behemoth. Even celebrities have gotten carried away with this one from time to time.

2. Jesus

While in most cases it is normal for people in Spanish-speaking regions to go with this name, the difference is that in that case, it is pronounced as ‘Hasus’. Now, in English-speaking areas, the expectation would be that people steer away from some monikers but well, some do not want to and eventually call their children after the biblical son of God.

3. North

Not many children are called after the directions of the compass, but this weird name has gained traction over time. This kind of surge started when celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye Waste decided that this would be the name for their first child. Since then, everyone kind of picked up the wave.

4. Suri

Names can mean the exact opposite of what most of us think, and that is the case here. Celebrity George Clooney decided to go with Suri for his daughter with Katie Holmes, and sadly, it is the derivative of an Estonian dialect and literally means ‘someone died’.