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Ariana Grande Calls Off Rock in Rio Due to Illness

For the last week, Ariana Grande has been all the rage on our TV screens and over the internet. She just dropped her hottest album yet, and it goes by the name Dangerous Woman. Known for her flamboyant style and suggestive lyrics, the American super star has been literally balling this year, and in more ways than one. Her album is doing exceptionally well on the charts, and she might still go on to break records and rewrite history. She has been busy promoting the release on a variety of channels and judging by the buzz going around, all is well.

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However, some fans of Ariana’s may be feeling a little let down. Three days ago, she was supposed to perform in Portugal in front of thousands of her adoring fans. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Just days prior to the event she developed a throat and sinus infection and was advised by her doctor to call the event off. Reporting the incident, Grande apologized to her fans and continuously promised to make it to them in the near future. The super star seemed truly stricken that there was no way she would make the trip given the circumstances. Fans in Portugal will be obviously gutted.

Grande may not be the most loved celebrity in America-in fact she ranked as one of the most hated in a poll conducted a few months ago- but no one will doubt her commitment to performing in front of her fans in arenas around the world. Her message of regret was met with plenty of empathy, with fans sending messages in the wish that she gets back up and running real soon.

At her best, Ariana Grande is devastating with the mic in her hands ,and we can certainly hope that she gets well and hits the tour trail once again for the sake of her fans.