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Funniest Laws in the United States

The United States has a bunch of laws in place, and some are the most democratic in the world. Our constitution has evolved over centuries, and there is really nothing left for our lawmen to effect. We have always had a pretty air tight constitution, but our democracy allows for tweaks here and there. Some tweaks are great in that they advance our rights, while others are politicians’ way of making us know that they are still pretty much around and are doing what we sent them to the office to do. Other laws are outright bizarre and not really designed by the brightest of legal minds.

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Here is a look at some of the funniest US laws.

1. Fried chicken law in Georgia

According to an old Gainsville, Georgia legal provision, you a cannot eat fried chicken if you do not use your hands. Apparently, this is the only way to sample this delicacy and still stay in good books with the word of the law. Weird, because there is really no other way to eat fried chicken.

2. Texas’ eyeball law

The great state of Texas warns all and sundry that It is completely and outright illegal to be caught selling your eyeballs, regardless of the reason you feel inclined to do so. The law has been in effect for a long time and has been routinely ignored because nobody has ever been caught in the act of selling their precious eyeballs!

3. Georgia’s poor chicken

In Quitman ,Georgia, you can cross the road, only that there is a caveat-you have to be absolutely sure that you are not chicken. The laws of Quitman prevent chicken from crossing the road.

5. NC and bingo games

If you are a resident of North Carolina, you know that it is expressly forbidden to let a bingo game extend before the ‘legal’ maximum of 5 hours.