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Funniest Websites of 2016

Besides porn and online shopping, funny video and audio clips are the next greatest thing on the web. Comedy is highly appreciated because of its therapeutic nature and ability to bring people together.
After extensive research, here is our top 8 list of the funniest websites this year:

Photo source: Pinterest

eBaum’s World
This is a site best described by those who know it as tasteless, offensive and sophomoric. It features the funniest video clips from all around America and does not sensor any gross and weird activities.

This is a site that features business people who are learning English use the wrong words in the wrong sentences. The funny comes in when one word totally transforms the sentence and its meaning and more often than not ends up being something vulgar.

Funny or Die
A mixture of the best viral videos and standup comedy is displayed on this site and people get to vote whether a video is funny enough or it should die.

Overheard in New York
In this site, people in New York are allowed to submit funny tidbits they overheard in their daily lives. Anything one hears in the office, beach, school that is funny goes.

Pictures of Walls
Seeing what people write in walls using graffiti is absolutely hilarious.It . a lot like what people write in public toilets; vulgar, rude and downright funny

College Humor
This site was started in a college for students but soon went viral.It features pranks done to students by their peers, sketches they perform and animation.

Awkward Family Photos
This is a platform featuring the most awkward and painful family photos. People from all over send them to the site for others to enjoy.

Epic Fail
Though you can find them on YouTube, epic fail has a dedicated forum of all those fail videos we love-from people who fail in skateboarding to not breaking a bottle on your head and Somerset failures.