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Justin Bieber Working on Drake Remix

Justin might be working on one dance remix with Drake. After dominating airplay with his hit singles such as (Sorry) and (Where Are Ü Now) in the past one year, it seems Justin Bieber will feature on the yet-to- released remix of Drake’s number 1 song (One Dance). Recent Video clips from the Formula 1 party held in Monaco on Saturday 28th May features an audio of Justin singing over the hit song’s beat.

Photo source: Pinterest

New song, Cold Water, with Major Lazer

The Sorry-hit maker who was at the party, also previewed his new project single with Major Lazer known as Cold Water. Diplo confirmed the upcoming release of the song noting that it will include vocals from both the Kamikaze singer MO and Bieber. The track is expected to be released in the next coming few weeks. Bieber is still on his Purpose tour and currently he is making way through North America. It has however not stopped him from offering his great voice to a number of contenders for songs to be released during this year’s summer.

Justin Bieber in a Super casual outfit to mark end of luxury holiday

Via Instagram photos and other leaks, Justin seems to have been enjoying his Monaco tour at the star-studded Grand Prix. He proved that all holidays have an end when he joined his entourage in leaving luxurious event while rocking a super casual outfit. The 22-year-old singer went casual in a yellow sports top a short while after posting a hot topless shot in his Instagram account for 69.7million followers to enjoy.

The pop star has also been enjoying the fruits of his labor since he has allegedly dropped a shocking $80,000 per month for renting out a luxury abode located in the neighborhood of the Toluca Lake. According to a report from TMZ, the lavish and luxury residence is meant for him and his entourage.

He posted an Instagram photo once again recently posing an informal version of his own official Calvin Klein advertisement, where he reclined on a bed rather than standing before a mirror.