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Kelly and Michael: Why It is More Than a Show

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan news captured the attention of all the people who love their show and appreciate their hosting. For the five years, these hosts have shared jokes and invited the viewers to their show “live”. For this reason only, people like to watch their show and appreciate their hosting.

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But what happened? Why some unexpected news is coming. People were curious to know what is happening on the show and why Strahan left the position with the live and planning to join the Good Morning America. TV personalities influence the audience a lot, but at the same time, it is difficult to understand what is going on in their lives and why they do not hesitate to disappoint the viewers.

Ripa was angry after getting that news. She was the last person to know what is happening in the show. She did not find any justifiable reason for this act. Moreover, her co-host remained silent throughout the process.

But finally, the conflict came to an end. The forty-five-old was planning to reunite with her co-host Michael Strahan for a show just after knowing that he is leaving that show to be the part of the Good Morning America full-time.

Ripa was absent from the live show since her co-host Strahan’s departure from the show on Tuesday. She came to know about the departure of the Strahan on the same day. As the result, she was feeling bad and ignored.

Ripa returned to the show after four days, but it is confirmed that Strahan will be leaving the show very soon. This news came as a surprise to many as Strahan was scheduled to be on the show throughout the summer. Then why he is leaving early. This is something people are trying to discover. People are waiting to know why their favorite host is leaving the show without any obvious reason.