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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Together Again…

The relationship between Hemsworth and Cyrus has been a bit of a rocky one for many years but this seems to have turned around in recent months. Let’s take a look at the latest Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus news, so that you can learn more about their current status.

Photo source: Pinterest

Liam and Miley were one of the hottest young couples in Hollywood just a few years ago and even got engaged before they split up towards the end of 2013. It was said that her outrageous behaving including wearing very little clothes in public was a big reason that they decided to part ways.

However ‘Liley’ fans can now rejoice because just this year they have got back together. The pair have seemingly decided to give love another try and although they haven’t officially confirmed their relationship is back on, it’s clear to everyone that the duo find it impossible to stay away from each other. Liam actually said during a magazine interview in May 2016 when asked about their status that “people aren’t dumb, they’ll figure it out.”

One can only take from this statement in combination with the fact that they have been photographed together recently during recent months that they are a couple once again.

Something else that might have people breathing a sigh of relief is that Miley seems to have calmed down a lot recently. She has not put on any over the top displays for a while and she is also wearing more clothes.

It seems that Liam Hemworth brings out the best in the young star and it’s so refreshing to see that they are working on their romance, rather than just throwing it away for good. Whether this will be a happy ever after for the pair or whether there will be more drama ahead is yet to be soon but we definitely wish them all the best!