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Micro Tattoos: The Biggest Trend Is Tiny Body Art

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Leave it up to trendsetter Zayn Malik to give you the finger when it comes to body art. The finger as in he’s pointing the way with his sick new, and super tiny lightsaber he got did on his middle finger. What Zayn, along with many other celebs are now no longer going big and bold with their tattoos. No, they’re going super tiny, as tiny tattoos are now the biggest trend in body art. Here, check out some seriously sick, yet super tiny tattoos that are hitting skins everywhere…
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Everyone knows 7’s are good luck, as in, Lucky 7’s right?
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Just because you don’t get a massive sleeve doesn’t mean you’re a pussy. In the case of this girl here, it just means she likes cats.
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Lock & Key

Now this one’s pretty sick. A lock on the neck, and a key on her finger to open it. Very creative, but wait … shouldn’t the lock go on her heart? Meh, maybe it’s broken.
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Now that’s one ship tattoo. Seriously.
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Ahhh, the luck of the Irish. And how lucky we all are to see it.
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3 very cute isosceles triangles. Wait, I think one’s a scalene … or is that equilateral.
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Take note (literally), these tattoos are tiny!
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Sun & Moon

Now here’s a guy that can both give you the middle finger, and moon you, all in one gesture. #pro
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I think she’s trying to tell us that she’s got a tiny black heart. Don’t date her.
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As much as we’d like to stare, I think she’d prefer it if we all leave her alone. Get it, leave? #KBye
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