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Most Expensive Items On Amazon

Whenever we think of sites like Amazon.com, we always believe that only offer low priced affordable items are available. This may not be the true picture because Amazon is also famous for selling some of the most expensive items on the web. Hence it would be interesting to spend some time learning about the most expensive items on Amazon. It certainly will be an eye opener for all those who believe that Amazon is not the place to be in for expensive items and purchases.

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Autographed Baseball Cards

If you are a fan of baseball, you certainly would not mind paying big money to acquire those personally autographed baseball cards. There are a few sellers who have placed their advertisements on Amazon.com and guess what the price is? It is around $84,000. This certainly is big money and the most interesting part is that there are customers who are ready to buy it at that price.

Antique Viola Pieces

If you are an antique lover then you must certainly spend some time on Amazon.com. Some of the most treasured antique pieces are up for sale sometimes on this site. For example, there has been an occasion where antique viola pieces have been put up for sale with a price tag of around $169,000 and the fact that it gets sold out even at this price tags suggests that Amazon.com is not the place only for low cost items.

Toy Race Cars

When we talk about toy race cars for sale on online sites, we usually think that the price tag would be in a few hundred dollars. Hold your breath. There has been a toy race car put up for sale in Amazon and the price tag is $999,999. Yes almost one million dollars. Though it might look absurd and unbelievable it is a fact and who knows somebody might also have bought it as a prized possession.