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The Life of Johnny Depp Just Got Real Interesting

Johnny Depp news has obviously taken the internet by storm, and when it first broke everyone was pointing the finger at him. Amber Heard had a large bruise on her cheek supposedly from an iPhone, but apparently things are starting to shed new light on the situation. We’ll never know the full truth, but here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear straight away.

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The Police Didn’t Intervene

Even if you promise your husband didn’t hit you, the police are obligated to intervene if they suspect otherwise. This is because of obvious reasons, yet when they arrived at the house they didn’t feel the need to proceed further with their investigation. Johnny Depp had already left the house before they arrived, but they weren’t out looking for him.

Mysterious Vanishing Bruise

Amber Heard definitely had a bruise on her cheek, but could she have called one of her makeup artists to work their magic on her? It’s a big accusation to make, but then you realize it’s suddenly not really there the next again day. She has filed for divorce, and she will get a lot more money if everyone thinks she was in an abusive relationship.

The Exes Have Spoken Out

Johnny Depp is no stranger to marriage, and he has also been in a very long-term relationship before marrying Amber Heard. Both of these women have spoken out to say he has never laid a finger on them in the past. He could be getting a little rough in his old age, but again you have to question if money is a motivating factor when his exes are defending him.

The Truth Will Come Out

The Johnny Depp news you’re hearing just now is all just speculation, and I’m sure there will be plenty more juicy gossip over the next few weeks. Unfortunately it might take a little longer until the actual facts are revealed, or at the very least we’ll get as close to the truth as possible. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see what unfolds.