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Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Disney

The word ‘Disney’ brings many joyous and happy memories to SO many people, they create the best childhood movies in existence. In addition to the movies, those who have experienced the amazing “Disneyland” will also have good memories about the word. While we only know the fantasy that is Mickey, Minnie and all their loyal friends, the following weird Disney facts will leave you shocked but enthralled!

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1. While we are on the topic of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, it seems that their love story did not only exist in cartoon. The man who would eventually take on the voice of Mickey, “Wayne Allwine” met and fell in love with the voice of Minnie, “Russi Taylor”. They went on to marry and just like your classic Disney movie, they lived happily ever after.

2. The Toy Story characters that work in Disney World would drop to the ground every time a guest shouted “Andy’s coming”, this party trick is now impossible to perform all the time because so many people say it. They now reply “Andy’s in college” and merrily go along their way.

3. ‘Frozen’ is the first Disney movie ever to be directed by a woman. Maybe they should keep this up based on the huge popularity of the modern-day fairytale that showcases sisterly love at its best.

4. Justin Bieber is actually banned from Disneyland for punching Mickey Mouse where it hurts, that’ll teach him!

5. There are no sad kids allowed in Disneyland and if a character sees one, they will cheer them up with an ice cream or even a free gift.

6. The Character Wall-E is named after Walt Elias Disney himself, using his initials to title the robot.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is the most expensive movie that has ever been made and one of Disneys finest.

8. Finding Nemo harmed the population of clownfish after so many people would buy them after seeing the movie.