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Zac Efron is Gaining in Popularity

Zac Efron is probably affirming what is common knowledge — that you are never too good-looking for a movie role. The star of the High School Musical franchise exhibited a combination of aqua-blue-eyed charm and rumpled-coiffed appearance, which many of his lady fans translated as a wholesome hunk with more than just a talent at dancing. These traits seem to follow him if the latest Zac Efron news is anything to go by.

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The San Luis Obispo native is prepping for a role in Baywatch, a movie rendition of a TV series with the same name. However, the actor seems to have a lot more in him than just his inherent charm. Zac now spots a beefed up physique true to the demands of the franchise and probably because he wants to look his best in the red lifeguard shorts that are characteristic of all Baywatch screenings.

For this latest look, Zac enlisted the support of renowned trainer and nutritionist Patrick Murphy and the results are now evident. He now has real muscles on top of his rather average build. In fact, the actor admits that he is now at the peak of his physical strength. He however maintains his humor adding that the strength has nothing to do with his physical abilities but rather the pace with which he can exit a room or ‘destroy’ obstacles in his path.

Aside from hitting the gym, Zac did overhaul his diet and now feasts on low carb meals almost exclusively. He does however include organic whole foods in this regimen. This new lifestyle combination of guided exercise and diet implies that the 28-year-old actor now has almost zero body fat and instead boasts of a physique mirroring that of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, his co-star in the upcoming movie.

It is indeed clear that Zac Efron in smarter than a lot many of his former teen idol peers. He is chancier and far more inventive than a good majority. It will be interesting thus, to see how Baywatch the movie turns out.